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CNC brake forming presses

Currently we have two brake forming presses at our disposal.

TruBend 5130

Both pressing and brake forming – economical forming of precise angles with small diameters and a small side are the advantages of these presses.

  • short downtime thanks to a fast exchange of tools
  • extremely big free space for bending
  • intelligent 6-axe back stop

Thanks to new drives, the cycle time has been decreased by up to 30%, the starting speed and the stroke by up to 220 mm. The biggest change comparing to the first generation is the mentioned press roll. Instead of two voluminous rolls it now has four flat ones. They hold a big space in front of the press and transmit the power optimally to the tools. These are the best conditions for orders with long bends, narrow angles or thick sheets.

A thermally little loaded machine frame secures the best quality from the first to the last bend. The synchronisation of precisely controlled torque motors, accurately measured press ram travel and also thermally independent compensation of the material stress and ACB angle sensors secure reliably the constant quality of bends.

Maximum bend length 3060mm.

Maximum force 1300 kN.

SAFAN E-Brake 50 Ton 2050 mm

The biggest advantages of the press are:

Servo-electric drive – the pressure force transmission principle is based on the mechanism which consists of actuating mechanisms with gearboxes, industrial flat belts and a set of rotating rollers on antifriction bearings.

Accuracy – the transmission of the pressing power by the belt causes nearly continuous load on the whole length of the upper press ram. The deformation of the servo-electric pressure frame reaches only 2% of the deformation of the hydraulic press frame.

Productivity – the acceleration or deceleration of the upper press ram is noticeably higher than with hydraulic presses because the servomotors are activated faster than hydraulic valves. The productivity comparing with hydraulic presses is higher by up to 30%.

Maximum bend length 2050mm.

Maximum force 500 kN.