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About company

The Josef Matušík company deals with sheet manufacturing on NC machines (CNC laser cutting, CNC cutting out presses, CNC brake forming presses) and hydraulic press machines including all following finish work.

The company was established in 1992 and currently employs around 30 employees.

A new subsidiary was opened in Valašské Meziříčí in 2007.

The company production program is focused on a custom-made production with a wide range of production possibilities. Use of CNC controlled punching presses, laser cutting out and brake forming presses has been proved for securing high quality of both piece and serial production of sheet blanks and burnouts (precise and shape complicated).

Other operations we are able to execute are welding, pressing of elements on hydraulic presses, and all finish work like deburring, etc.

According to the requirements, we are able to secure, in cooperation with our partner company, finishing by powder paints or galvanizing or pickling.

If you are interested in cooperation in the production, we would be pleased to welcome you in our company.